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[TRLog] Re: TRLog Digest V1 #519

Subject: [TRLog] Re: TRLog Digest V1 #519
From: (w9wi)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 10:34:45 -0600
TRLog Digest wrote:
> I too noticed the PREFIX pop up in the exchange window a few times and if
> you didn't erase, it would not let you enter the contact.

This happened to me several times too.  (but I always erased it before
trying to log the QSO so never found out what would happen if you didn't
try)  It's because you have INITIAL EXCHANGE set to QTH; if you're
working a DX station who you've worked before (either on the other mode,
or he's a dupe) then his QTH is his prefix, and that's what will be
pulled up.  

If you work SS (and have some SS logs in your TRMASTER database) a
reasonable alternative might be to change your initial exchange to
SECTION.  You'll have to edit those domestic QSOs where there's more
than one section in a state, but since DX stations don't have a section,
you won't have this problem with them.  

73 Doug

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