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[TRLog] POST Summary Generation

Subject: [TRLog] POST Summary Generation
From: Jack Trampler - N2JT" < (Jack Trampler - N2JT)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 13:09:18 -0500
Hello Everyone,

Had a great time with the 10-meter contest this past weekend.  Unfortunately
my time was severely limited and I only made 310 Q's.

This subject may have already been covered and I apologize if it has, but it
is a new one for me.  I ran into a problem generating the Summary report
with POST v. 6.35.   After I converted my log to ARRL format, I tried to
make my Summary report.  When it asked if I was Ready To Proceed, I answered
"Y" and POST immediately reverted to the Report Procedure Menu.

The cause was the new configuration file selections.  I allowed TR to make a
configuration file called ARRL10.CFG and used that instead of LOGCFG.DAT.
Everything went well, but the Summary generation apparently looks for
LOGCFG.DAT when it makes the report.  Once I renamed ARRL10.CFG to
LOGCFG.DAT the Summary Report was generated without any problem.

Is there any other solution to the Summary Report generator use the custom
CFG file for that particular contest or will I have to rename it each time I
make a summary?

BTW: TR v 6.35 performed flawlessly.  FANTASTIC!!!

Jack - N2JT

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