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Subject: [TRLog] Suggestions
From: (Barry Martz)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 17:55:06 -0500
Hi  All:

I took my manual with me to work today and at lunch I read up on what I
should have known before using TRlog.

I do remember being able to type the freq.. in the CALL area to QSY.  I had
forgotten that!  Sri.

I also know that TRlog makes a note on BANDMAP of your CQ freq..  I would
just like to eliminate the jumping into the bandmap again to go back.  I
could type in my CQ Freq. of course OR hit A=B VFO switch BEFORE QSYing,
then I could just hit the VFO button to return to the CQ freq..  I was just
thinking a SINGLE KEYSTROKE to return you to the CQing freq...  Maybe not to
useful but just an Idea.

My main WISH is colors for WORKED stations listed on the Bandmap.

Thanks for the suggestions.

73 de Barry
Bay Area DXers
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