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[TRLog] comments after this weekend contest

Subject: [TRLog] comments after this weekend contest
From: (LU5CW Ernesto Grueneberg)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 20:14:22 -0300
I have some comments after the 10 meters contest regarding TR. For the first
time I REALLY used the bandmap feature. I noticed a glitch. When you CQ,
this is noted in the bandmap, but when you return to this frequency, the
program switches to s&p mode. shouldn´t be go to cq mode?
Also i have a suggestion to make. I would like to see an indication of where
in the band i am, in the bandmap display. I mean, why don´t u highlight the
current spot or the current freq, if nothing on it, so when you move, this
indication follows you? this would be very useful. The other idea i have is
to replace the access method to the bandmap. seems a little tedious to use
ctrl-end. How about using < > and ; (currently used to select a u+1 call).
This way you won´t need to access the band map, just to move and grab a

Best 73

Ernesto Grueneberg - LU5CW (ex LU2BRG & LU6BEG)
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