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[TRLog] 10m test

Subject: [TRLog] 10m test
From: (Arturo Gargarella - LU6ETB)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:13:44 -0300
>> For us coffee-impaired folks who can't get the European runs off our
>> minds, can we have a feature to interpret "05" as Ohio when the call
>> window contains a U.S. call?<G>
>Happened to me all the time, joke aside seems like a good idea! 41 ->va
>94 ->nv, etc
And also some defaults to be displayed automatically in the window like :
If  W6  display CA, VE1  display VE1, etc.

73 de Arturo, LU6ETB
PD : I hope Trey like the idea, because if he doesn't .......... 

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