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[TRLog] Keyer Challenge

Subject: [TRLog] Keyer Challenge
From: (
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:43:43 -0800 (PST)
> > MFJ makes a keyer that already has a serial interface built into it. 
> At the risk of being somewhat negative, I have to intrude and say that I 
> don't like this idea one little bit.
> TR has some nice features for personalizing the way that some characters 
> and strings are sent, and I'd really, really hate to lose that. Listen to 
> me call CQ sometime (just before you call me :-) ) You'll perhaps notice 
> that N7DR is send with a slight extra space between the 7 and the D, and 
> the dash on the D is slightly longer than normal.
> Some of us still like a bit of music in our code :-)

Well - if I ever supported an external keyer - be assured that the
current method of keying would still be supported.  The MM3 stuff
and the current method co-existed for a number of years.

I would need to know more about the MFJ - like did they do a good
job with PTT support?  Can I tell when CW is still being sent?  Can
I quickly abort a message being sent?  These were little details that
I was able to get implemented into the MM3 because I was helping them
beta test the unit.  I am skeptical that MFJ has addressed these 


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