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[TRLog] Keyer Challenge

Subject: [TRLog] Keyer Challenge
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 20:59:18 -0600
On 15 Dec 98, at 15:43, wrote:

> Well - if I ever supported an external keyer - be assured that the
> current method of keying would still be supported.  The MM3 stuff
> and the current method co-existed for a number of years.

What bothered me was that this thread began with the problem of NT-ising 
TR, and the external keyer bit was suggested as a way out of trying to send 
CW on a non-real-time OS without really having to deal with the problem.

Sending CW on NT is certainly not going to be easy, although there are some 
new things in NT5 that look like they're going to make it somewhat easier.

(That's not to say it's impossible under NT4, because it's not. But I'm not 
aware of anyone who's actually done it; the only way I can think of doing 
it requires building a CW driver running in kernel mode -- not something 
that's going to be built in the odd evening here and there.)

I confess to being a little worried about the future of TR five or more 
years hence, just because of billg's stated desire to get us all on NT. In 
a couple of years I'm afraid it might not be possible to buy a computer 
that will run TR "out of the box" (i.e. without knowing how to load 

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