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[TRLog] Re: TR 6.36 and European VHF Contest

Subject: [TRLog] Re: TR 6.36 and European VHF Contest
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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 05:56:25 -0800 (PST)
Hi Jan-

> 1.  sometimes the distance is 1km more than in the log prog  TACLOG by
> OZ1FDJ. but observed the same with other progs. so no problem.

Great - the numbers I am getting with this routine are differnet
than the more "accurate" routine that I used for other purposes.  
I am glad it matches other programs.

> 2.  when I make a type error in the QTH locator , (it some times happens),
> i.e. JN19BG  instead of JN19BQ  and log it
>      When I then make a correction (in the last five QSO's above the log
> field) to JN19BQ, the distance doesn't change
>      stays 377 km instead of 369 km in my case. I'm in JO22WA.
>      It would be nice if a change there gives a re-calculation in the
> distances.

I understand the issue.  However, I have made the editor as "stupid" as
I can - so that it doesn't prevent you making the log look exactly the
way you want to.  If you need to change some of the exchanges, I would
suggest using the TR READ feature after the contest.  This will allow
the contest to be "reworked" and all of the QSO points will be 
recalculated.  If the QSO the be edited is the last one, you can use
Alt-Y to delete it, and then just re-enter the information.

To use the TR READ feature, rename your log file to something like
LOGORG.DAT and then type TR READ LOGORG.DAT.  If you turn off the 
sidetone in your LOGCFG.DAT file, it will zoom along pretty fast.

Thanks for the feedback.

73 Tree N6TR

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