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[TRLog] Logging MM (multipliers)

Subject: [TRLog] Logging MM (multipliers)
From: (
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 07:40:18 -0800 (PST)
> Thanks for the reply.
> I did the following :
> I dited the S50P13DC.DOM file and I added the lines :
> R1 = R1, MM1
> R2 = R2, MM2
> R3 = R3, MM3
> I tried UT5XXX/MM1, UT5XXX/MM2 and UT5XXX/MM3 and I can not enter R1, R2 or
> R3 as the report. I can only enter a NUMBER and TR says it is and Ukranien
> (UR) station.
> Then, I tried UT5XXX/MM and I entered R1, R2, R3, MM1, MM2, MM3 and TR logs
> it correctly, but the multiplier is not maked as if it was worked (doesn´t
> change the color) and if I enter the received serial number TR believes it
> is the signal report. I have also tried 599 26 R3 and TR doesn´t like it.
> What am I doing wrong ?

Well - this is a VERY difficult thing - even though it seems so simple.
Which probably explains why I haven't been able to fix up the software
to properly handle the /MM and /R stations for the ARRL 10 meter contest.

When the program is trying to log a station - it needs to decide if
the QSO is with a DX or Domestic station.  As it turns out, /MMs will
be processed as domestic QTHs for this contest.  So, the program expects
a RS(T) and QTH - which isn't what is being sent.

A better approach might be to add MM1, MM2 and MM3, R1, R2 and R3 to 
the CTY.DAT file, but this will have problems because of conflicts
with some of the Russian prefixes.

What really needs to be done is to create a fifth multiplier type just
for this special case, but that is a LOT of work for just a handful of
QSOs.  My suggestion has been to enter the QSO manually as a note and
fix it up after the contest.  

73 Tree

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