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[TRLog] 10m log conversion?

Subject: [TRLog] 10m log conversion?
From: (AE0Q V31RY)
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 11:52:48 -0700
  Has anyone tried using Logconvert (by KA5WSS) to convert the TRlog log.dat
file for the 10m contest to ADIF format?

  I use this for all contests to import my TR logs into my LOGic-4 database.
However, for the 10m contest it is turning all the DX serial numbers into a
<rx_pwr:> field.

  Any suggestions on how to fix it?  What is the valid ADIF field called for
a received serial number?  I can do a search and replace with UltraEdit32 if
I know the valid ADIF field name..

Thanks  --  Glenn
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