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Subject: [TRLog] PTT
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Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 19:52:33 EST
I need some help from a TR user who runs a FT-1000MP.

In TR there is a command PADDLE PTT HOLD COUNT which sets the time between the
end of the CW keying until the PTT drops out.  It can be set to an interger
value which sets the number of dit counts that elaspe before the PTT drops.

With the 1000MP the Menu item 7-5, Keyer Delay, sets the time (0 to 5 secs)
during which the tx remains keyed after you stop sending.

Both of these appear to address the same time interval.

1. When using TR with the 1000MP which of these "settings" takes precedence ?
2. What is the time relation between "dit counts" and "seconds" ?
3. Is one of these prefered over the other ?

I'm not sure all this makes a lot of difference as a practical matter.  I've
operated for years without either one intruding into my life... But then
perhaps I''ll learn something new.


Joe, W5ASP 

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