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[TRLog] General logger possibility?

Subject: [TRLog] General logger possibility?
From: (Tyler Barnett)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 11:03:53 -0500 (EST)
Has anyone configured TR as a general-purpose logging program?

All that I am interested in logging is:
His name
QTH (state, city, just one word)
FOC number (if the station has one)
A comment field would be nice too, I guess (rig and ant, etc)
Some QSL info (see below explanation)

I do a considerable amount of daily non-contest operating.
Whenever I work a station, I want to know if I have worked that callsign before.
If so, I want the logger to display the name for me so I can greet them by name.

I also would like to know what bands we have QSO'ed on before.
If I HAVE worked the station before, then I want to know if this is a 
new band for us.  

Either situation is a trigger for me to reach for a blank QSL card,
fill it out during the QSO, and put it on the outgoing bureau pile.
I mail out about a 2-3" stack of cards every month or so.

So somehow, I'd like to track if a QSL was sent/received on each QSO.
I would imagine using a single-byte field, and putting S for Sent,
R for Received, and X for Exchanged (both sent and received).

Does anyone think this is all possible?

The reason I want to use TR instead of my current logging program, is that
it supports two radios, and the associated band-output ports to drive my
TopTen decoders correctly.  I would only have to learn one interface too :-) 

However, I'm concerned that TR might not be able to hold a really large
log, say in excess of 100,000 qsos.  I've got about 50,000 to load into it,
but I don't want to start this project unless I know it will succeed.

Any LOGCFG.DAT samples or hints would be much appreciated.
Please reply directly to me, unless you feel it would be for the good of the
reflector, since after all, this is a non-contest related question :-)

Regards, Tyler N4TY

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