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[TRLog] General logger possibility?

Subject: [TRLog] General logger possibility?
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 13:01:35 -0600
Hi Tom,

I think you missed Tyler's explanation, he wants to use two radios at the
same time.  Don't get me wrong, I really like Hyperlog, I just upgraded to
V4.04 last night.  But I couldn't see how to make it work with two radios at
the same time.  Maybe I am missing something in the manual.  I did run setup
again and couldn't see a second radio function listed.  I suppose a guy
could rig a switch or just turn off the autopilot and enter band/mode by
hand but I think you lose some features doing that.  You are right, it will
do everything else very well and I think Joe lists two billion records that
can enter.  A lot more than I may ever put in it.

If memory serves me, ( and sometimes it doesn't ) TR is capable of being
used as a day-to-day logger, but you may have to have separate
sub-directories for each band in order to handle large numbers of contacts.
Surely somebody will have done this and can pass this info on.  Heck, I
can't imagine Tree using any other logging program.  But I could be wrong!!

Greg K9ZM

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