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[TRLog] PC Speaker.

Subject: [TRLog] PC Speaker.
From: (Ronald A. Stunden)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 16:31:54 -0800
<font size=3D3>Someone the other day asked if pc speaker sound could be
used with a sound blaster.<br>
Sorry Tree, the answer is ,Yes if you have the correct SB Board.<br>
The Creative CT2230 SB16 board has a input, Labeled PC SPK, beside the CD
IN socket. You will have to make a jumper cable from the mother board or
parallel the speaker to that point.<br>
Next you have to go into Windows and check the pc speaker to get the=A0 pc
control on the sound controls.<br>
Works well..BTW this board that will work with SSTV out of the 10-15 that
I have tried..<br>
Happy New Year to all and at least 1m scores..<br>
Ron VE7YC<br>

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