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[TRLog] TR and 10-10

Subject: [TRLog] TR and 10-10
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 14:26:10 -0600
All right, I know I'm going to get flack for treating the 10-10 thing this 
weekend as a contest, so let's just take it as read that I know it's not a 
real contest. (My excuse is that I was testing out the new 930 board. It 
worked great. Tree: any chance that there'll be a version compatible with 
the mode problems in the current firmware before ARRL CW? I'm dying to try 
it out in a CW test.)

Anyway, a couple of things came up.

1. Even though there's room in the TRMASTER file for 10-10 numbers, there 
doesn't seem to be any way to have the 10-10 number come up as part of the 
initial exchange (not according to the documentation, anyway).

2. The exchange parser seems rather dense. It understands the 10-10 number 
OK, but it doesn't understand the difference between a name and a state. 
Whichever string comes first is treated as a name. The problem is that a 
lot of these people are not contesters and the information is likely to 
come in any old order, so I found myself spending a lot of time shuffling 
the cursor around to get the name before the state. I realise that there 
are problems with strings like "Al", but generally it's not hard to 
distinguish a name from a state apart from these pathological cases. Most 
of the time TR ought to be able to figure out correctly which is which and 
put the right strings in the right fields in the log file.

  Doc  N7DR

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