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[TRLog] Tips and recommendations

Subject: [TRLog] Tips and recommendations
From: (Martin Huml)
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 18:37:40 +0100
Some tips from my "notepad":

* Filter WARC-bands and VHF-bands spots from Bandmap (in case BAND MAP ALL 
BANDS = true)

* To enable more possibilities how to finish QSO (QSLing). Now there are two 
ways only: QSL (Enter) or Quick QSL (e.g. backslash). It would be very nice if 
I could finish QSO with another programmable manners, e.g.:
- TU JOHN (name from TRMASTER.DTA)
- 73
- QRV 80M?
- CIAO JOE (salutation from HELLO.DAT and name from TRMASTER.DTA)
This feature could be implemented e.g. by special control character located in 
EX MEMORY string, which evoke logging QSO. If you apply this feature, TRlog 
will gain additional jump from other contest logging programs. And I will be 
more happy, HI.

* In WPX contest (and others with prefix multipliers) is no possibility to show 
multipliers worked. This could be e.g. as follows:
- nothing in CALL window, AltG pressed -> all prefixes worked are displayed 
(alphabetically sorted)
- "J" in CALL window, AltG pressed -> prefixes worked starting with J (J2, J3, 
J6, J7, JA1, JA2, ...)
- "JA" in CALL window, AltG pressed -> prefixes worked starting with JA (JA1, 
JA2, ...)

* In WAE contest there could be useful following features:
- In "remaining multiplier window" to display DX countries only (if I am in EU) 
or EU countries (if I am not in EU).
- Possibility to change of sending texts (e.g. QTC?, PSE x QTC, QSL x/y, ...).
- Possibility to use Ctrl-Enter and Alt-K functions.
- Possibility to use "function key memory" during receiving QTCs.
- Automatically fill time to 4-digit format on basis of previous QTC during 
receiving QTCs. Also if station not send current time. Now, if I have not fill 
all three information - time, call, nr - the program will not log this QTC 
which is complication with higher speeds.
- Possibility to add another QTCs after receive all declared QTCs (declared 
before receiving). E.g. when program asks "Press Return to log or E to edit" to 
eke "or A to add". Sometimes happen that station sent bad number of QTCs in 
- Possibility to view file with received QTCs (like Ctrl-L and Alt-L).
- To disable possibility to edit QTC nr. If I edit received QTCs and use Tab, 
in second line cursor jumps to QTC nr. 
- Information "Number QTCs received = ..." could be better on 6th line instead 
on 7th.
- Add information about received (sent) QTCs to bandmap.

* Function Control-U in memory message could update CallsignICameBackTo 
variable with the call window contents or callsign in exchange window (new 
written), if there is. Now, when I write corrected callsign in exchange 
windows, than use message with Control-U, CALL OKAY NOW message is sent always.

* If in the end of any CW message is change of the speed, this command is not 
executed (speed is not changed).

* Possibility to place (logcfg switch) BIG QSO number e.g. to the right upper 
corner of the screen. This is very useful in SSB contests with exchange QSO nr. 
(WPX, WAE, ...)

* In manual or help is not any information about HELLO.DAT file.

What is it LOGLASTCALL CW function and where is using?
WPX is coming...

73 and thanks Tree for SUPER PROGRAM !

Martin Huml
OK1FUA, OL5Y or IH9/OL5Y in the contests
Contest Team Pantelleria - IH9P - CQWW DX SSB MULTI/MULTI

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