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[TRLog] TR, Win95, and recording

Subject: [TRLog] TR, Win95, and recording
From: (David Jones)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:40:09 -0800
This might be informative to all TR users, so I thought I'd post it 
here as well.  This deals with not just TR in a win95 box, but 
recording rig audio as well, so you have been warned, hit the delete 
key if that doesn't interest you.

I am trying to record the CW sprint this Saturday, using 
Sagebrush's RecAll Pro, and of course, TR.  Can record just fine, 
even saved some samples of some EU stuff on 40 a couple nights 
ago.  I'm working on running TR in a Win95 box, and here's where I 
am so far.

Computer is a HP Celeron 266, with 80 MB of RAM.  TR seems to 
run fairly well in a full-screen Win95 DOS prompt.  The only thing I 
notice CW timing wise is that if you haven't sent anything for a 
period (seems to be somewhere in the area of 45 seconds to a 
minute) that when you next send something (F-keys, enter, etc) 
the result is that the first character gets extended, like 
dahhhhhdidah.  Not that much of a problem, really.

Then I starting recording with RecAll Pro in the background, and TR 
in the foreground.  Again, TR ran pretty well, I hit F1 several times, 
switched to the paddle to simulate a response, and went through 
10-15 sprint q's that way.

After doing that, I went and played back the recording.  Seems fine 
except every 10-15 seconds or so there is a glitch (probably due to 
the DOS/W95 timing issues) where a few characters get skipped 
on the recording.  You'll hear KKGW or K7GW or KK7W or stuff 
like that on the recording.

In conclusion, my best bet is probably to get another VGA monitor, 
and run TR on my 386 with no monitor, and record on the win95 

See you all in the sprint!


David Jones, KK7GW

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