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[TRLog] POST qsl option S

Subject: [TRLog] POST qsl option S
From: (KL7RA Fairbanks Alaska)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 99 09:21:52 utc
I recently tried using TRLog POST qsl labels for answering bureau
qsl cards again. My past experience was such that it seemed I could
fill out cards a lot faster by hand then fussing with the labels
and the problems of printing them, etc.
I was not able to find the Avery 4410 labels mentioned in the
manual. Even a search of Avery Dennison web site product list does
not give a match for that number.

I made a test sheet printout using the POST qsl label program with
the HP officeJet printer. I was able to find a good spacing match
at our local office supplies store to the Avery 5261 laser labels.

They work well. Although the instructions say to load one label
page at a time on top of a 25 sheet stack of paper I was able to
load multiple sheets. For this OfficeJet printer they are loaded
upsidedown and then rotated 180 degrees after printing the first
side. I used a spacing of 7.

I know the Post program is low priority, but it would be nice
someday, while answering incoming bureau cards, for the "qsl
selected stations (S)" option to do the following:

1. "Beep" when it's ready for a new call sign. I tend to bust
labels as multi QSOs for the same station comes up and I'm on a
roll going to the next card in the stack instead of skipping
through the multiple entries. I guess it should be a "switch cmd"
for the beep haters.
2. Jump back to "input call" after the pgm receives a report entry.
For example when typing in K7RAT for a 160 meter qso I have to skip
a lot of entries until it finds the right one. After I enter the
report there is no need to continue looking.
3. Maybe the space bar could be "skip" and the return key fill in
the RST report from the log entry.
4. While inside the POST "qsl selected stations" shell have a few
search options to look for calls that fail to return a log entry.
(((not that it ever has happen to me!!!)))
5, Have a second data base that stores the call/band/mode
information to prevent duplicate qsling. This might be a "print qsl
label anyway?" command. I am trying to reach 500 cards sent to
6. Have a Avery label selection to chose from for different

I think I'm pushing my luck...but anything to ease this never
ending qsl flow.

73  Rich  KL7RA

p.s.  The first qsl print shop that will except the TRLog qsl label
file and add the label data as the cards are printed will have by 
business forever. The above comments are for TRLog POST utility
program. Comments on qsling contest QSOs in general would not be
appropriate for this reflector...

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