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[TRLog] Copntest setup

Subject: [TRLog] Copntest setup
From: Simon Wilson" < (Simon Wilson)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 22:04:29 -0000
Hi Larry et al,

I am (for my sins) the contest manager for the Mimram contest group -
G0SAH's mob, so it now falls to me to setup TR for each event we do.

We are entering an RSGB contest weekend after next on 7mhz, but it has a
rather odd scoring system. I would like to score on the fly but can't see
just how to do it from the documentation. Can you give me some pointers
please. Here is the scoring.

Own country - NIL points.
Europe - 5 points
Americas, Africa and Asia - 15 points
Oceania - 30 points.

I believe I can achieve this through the .DOM file, but I can't see it.

Thanks in advance.

Simon Wilson

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