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[TRLog] v6.36 in ARRL DX

Subject: [TRLog] v6.36 in ARRL DX
From: (Don Moman)
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:07:26 -0700 (MST)
A few minor glitches using v6.36 this past weekend, just curious if others
noted anything.....

1.  syntax errors in the callsign when I was sure there wasn't one -
typing the same call into the exchange field would allow the qso to be
logged. This wasn't the usual O instead of 0, or I/1 mistakes.  Happened
about 6 times.....

2.   We had 2 computers networked.... both started with v6.36....The one
computer using W95 would abruptly exit back to windows by itself (did it
about 3 times in the first 12 hours). Once I was just looking at the
screen and it did it. Nothing (other than maybe network traffic) was
happening and no RF being transmitted either. I never have RF problems and
TR has never exited like this before.... I switched to 6.35 and it did it
once more in the last 36 hours.  The other computer(DOS 486/DX4-100) never
exited abruptly like this. 

3.  However the 486 did (twice) appear to nearly lock-up - i.e. it
generated that long steady tone from it's speaker, but surprisingly we
could still log and send CW as normal. After a minute or so the tone quit
and everything was OK. I've heard that lock up tone before (not in TR) and
it never has solved itself like this....

4.  A couple of times, both computers (using 6.35 or 6.36) would not save
to floppy.  Said it wasn't ready - but the drive was fine. Reboot and it
saved fine, as it did 99% of the time. 

Not big or frequent issues, but having usually no problems, I'm just
curious if the gremlins have moved into my shack or ????

73 Don

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