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[TRLog] Comments SK3GW M/M

Subject: [TRLog] Comments SK3GW M/M
From: (Gunnar Widell (ERA))
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:51:37 +0100

> 3.  However the 486 did (twice) appear to nearly lock-up - i.e. it
> generated that long steady tone from it's speaker, but surprisingly we
> could still log and send CW as normal. After a minute or so the tone quit
> and everything was OK. I've heard that lock up tone before (not in TR) and
> it never has solved itself like this....
        We saw this two times on my toshiba laptop Pentium. Everyting worked
fine anyway.

        We used 3 computers networked at SK3GW in our Multi/Multi effort.
        No problems exept for the CW keying at high rates.

        The computers get slow, and delay the CW keying after hitting
return. We could see that is was during access to the harddrives. Probably
QSOs coming in from the network. This was experienced on all 3 computers,
worse was a Toshiba 386 that has a slow HD. Strangely this was also
experienced on the Pentium computer (133MHZ).

        I have heard this was a major problem at SL3ZV M/M in November as

        Think we need to configure a good disk cache program for this. Maybe
something for the manual to explain?

        Missed one QSO on one of the computers during a lock-up. Rebooted
immediately, but the QSO was lost on the network in some way. No major

        Ctrl-N was more used than ", because it the would stay on the screen
        A feature for "list of frequencies" for the stations in a Multi op
would be nice. Nice to have when your moving Wyoming for a new one on three
bands... (Exists?)

        73 de Gus, SM3SGP @ SK3GW

        See you from CE3, CE5 and in March/April from DU7.

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