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[TRLog] ESC key blues

Subject: [TRLog] ESC key blues
From: (Violette, Daniel R)
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:56:59 -0800
Here are my reasons for paddles.

1.  I am used to jumping to the paddles for fills, I haven't tried the F10
(or is it F12) yet.  So it is a comfort factor.

2.  I think the paddles are easier to reply with fills because you can have
the keyer set a little slower (I use a separate keyer) and can space things
out customly (is that a word?).

No offense, understand.  I have questions about others habits, I guess it is
just is whatever works best.  I am not a fulltime, hardcore contester so I
may do things differently if I was that way.  What ended up finally selling
me on TR was the S&P features.  "CT is a 1-land CQ only mode program".

73, Dan KI6X

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> Subject:      Re: [TRLog] ESC key blues
> In a message dated 2/23/99 11:59:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, KI6X writes:
> >  I correct my callsign and then send an exchange by paddles and use this
> to
> >  finish up.
> Why use paddles Dan?  I've heard others also indicate they use paddles in
> conjunction with the software....something I've never understood.
> Keyboard
> mode is one keystroke to get in....and one keystroke to exit (nothing
> could be
> simplier or faster).
> Understand, I'm not being critical of your procedures Dan....I'm just
> trying
> to satisfy my own curiousity here.  If you're truly going to master the
> software, it seems one must learn to utilize all the software features
> (not
> intentionaly circumvent them by going to paddles).
> There's probably an obvious answer to this that I'm overlooking.  Help me
> out
> here, OK?    
> 73  //Gary  *K8KFJ*
> West Virginia  <residing under the huge shadow of N4ZR>  :-)

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