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Subject: [TRLog] Re: Paddles vs Keyboard mode
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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 02:11:12 EST
I'd like to thank all those who responded to my initial post.  For some, it
just seemed more handy to revert to paddles when asking for fills, etc.
Others stated it felt more natural to them for them.  Yet another group
thought their typing speed and accuracy wasn't up to the task of going to
keyboard mode at contest speeds.  Lastly, there was one poster who has the
uncanny ability of sending with the paddles with one hand while preforming
logging functions on the keyboard with the other hand.  George, you're truly
one amazing guy (but heck, we all knew that anyway).  :-)  I'm afraid I'm in
the same category as K4QG on that one tho George.

As AE2T so aptly put it "I think it's a matter of what is most comfortable for
Thanks Al (and to the others who took the time to reply).

73  //Gary  *K8KFJ*

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