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[TRLog] Band Map

Subject: [TRLog] Band Map
From: (Ron Thomas)
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 06:36:01 PST
I'm at work and don't have the logcfg.dat with me, but the only thing 
different I've done is the contest name is "GENERAL QSO".  I only have a 
couple of lines in the logcfg.dat, call sign and contest name.  The 
logcfg.dat is in a subdirectory named "general".  Everything else that I 
need, such as port for the rig, and the time zone offset, and my grid 
square, etc etc is in the stdcfg.dat in my TR directory.  and of course 
I can make Control-J changes "on the fly".  It seems to accept pretty 
much anything I've tried to type in the exchange field, I usually put a 
signal report, name, and QTH.  But I don't have an EXCHANGE statement 
programmed in my logcfg.dat.

The biggest thing to remember is to delete the bandmap.bin file before 
starting up, so I don't start off with yesterday's bandmap.  I usually 
do a SH/DX command right away, to load the band map with 15 or 20 recent 
spots, that is where I am running into the problems with older spots 
overwriting recent ones.  since the spots come in reverse chronological 
order, most recent first, oldest last, and TR uses the last one it gets 
to overwrite previous ones.

I think it works fine for general logging.

BTW, the problem with working split and the bandmap seems to be solved 
by making sure I am on VFO A for both T and R before selecting a new 
spot from the band map.  I made sure I did that last night and had no 

Ron Thomas N4WYR

From: "Bob Lanning" <>
To: "Ron Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: [TRLog] Band Map
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:49:55 -0000


I'm interested in running TR in QSO mode for general logging.  I have
fumbled around a bit with it.  Do you find it ok for this 'non-contest' 
of operation?

Could you send me your logcfg.dat file so I can see how you configured 


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