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SV: [TRLog] Problem with Windows98

Subject: SV: [TRLog] Problem with Windows98
From: (Per Börjesson)
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 10:17:53 +0100
I booted to DOS and then I installed TR again and whoops now it worked all 
right. I can also work in a DOS window.  thanks for info


-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Jack Trampler - N2JT <>
Till: Per Börjesson <>; <>
Datum: den 24 februari 1999 00:50
Ämne: Re: [TRLog] Problem with Windows98

>Interesting.   I am using ver 6.36 with Win98.  I run it in a DOS WINDOW
>(not Real DOS) and have absolutely no problems.  Using it with an FT-1000MP
>and a KAM+.  I don't think the version is the problem though, as I have used
>every version since 6.26 (I think that was my first one) without any
>conflicts with Win95 or 98.  I'd be inclined to think its something with you
>Win98 configuration.
>Jack - N2JT
>>I have got a new computer with Windows98. When I installed my version 6.34
>it will not work. I got the following message: "TR.EXE is not a valid
>Win-32programme". What to do ??

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