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[TRLog] Shift key operation

Subject: [TRLog] Shift key operation
From: (Clive Whelan)
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 18:38:33 -0400
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I have been reading various things about shift key operation which have
confused me ( not difficult!)

However, having just got my TS930 going in digi mode, has caused me to look
at this in a fresh light, and I am sure there is a bug.

As described by others the TS930 ( presume other Kenwood rigs also?)the
shift keys tune the VFO in S&P mode, and the RIT in CQ, logical and

The FT1000MP also tunes the VFO in S&P, but I have never been able to get
it to tune the RIT in any mode.

I have felt for some while that there were circs. where the FT *would* tune
the VFO in CQ mode, and now I know this is so. Normally on program entry it
does *not* do this but exiting from S&P into CQ via Shift Tab ( at least )
causes the VFO to be tuned.

Thus the Kenwood control seems to be consistent and to spec. However the FT
control seems to be inconsistent and ( probably) not to spec.

It would certainly be nice if the FT could be made to perform just as the
Kenwoods do; is that realistic? otoh Am I missing summat here?



Written Thu, 01 Jul 1999 17:42

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