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[TRLog] tr 6.41

Subject: [TRLog] tr 6.41
From: (Francis Flynn)
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 22:30:12 -0400
Something I noticed.  I try to edit an entry after it's in the upper
window, after hitting escape,
the blinking cursor ends up below the callsign entry window, at this
point I cannot enter a callsign, I missed a few qso's during FD because
of this.

The workaround I found, is to go into and out of S&P mode, or out and
then in, if I'm in S&P.
At first I thought it was me, but now I'm thinking there might be a
small bug.  Otherwise, it worked pretty well for FD, and the simulator
mode did well as far as getting me ready for it!  I did lots of
CW, we operated using the callsign W1MOO, by the way.   We're still
working on scores.

So, is it a bug, or am I doing something dumb?  I've been known to be
dumb on occasion :).

Fran Flynn

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