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[TRLog] tr,laptops & sound cards

Subject: [TRLog] tr,laptops & sound cards
From: (Jerry Sidorov)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 12:56:04 +0500
Hi Ken and everybody,

> Hi all, am wondering if anybody on the reflector has been able to get the
> program sbdvp.exe to work on a laptop ??? works just great on my regular 486
> contest computer with a real sound blaster card, and does a terrific job of
> working just like a dvp card, but so far, on my 486 laptop, which i belive
> has a software driven sound card in it, i have had no success.

I've successful experience with my contest laptop (Canon, 486dx2-66, 20MB ram)
and sbdvp.exe. Works great even loaded into upper memory. Perhaps, you shoud
investigate laptop setup carefully (that power management part). Usually, I set
power manager to 'disabled'.

Jerry UA9AR
No-Cheating International(tm)  #2,003,106

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