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Subject: [TRLog] EXCHANGE MEMORY weirdness
From: (Tim Totten, N4GN)
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 07:27:57 -0400 (EDT)
I'm trying to get ready for a small multi-op at my place next wknd.  I
should probably preface this by saying I've never really done the IARU
before, except from OJ0 a couple years ago and as a referee in WRTC96, so
I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing.  And I should probably be spending
my time putting up a 160 antenna, rather than messing with TR, but it's
blistering hot outside!

The only thing that seems screwy has to do with EXCHANGE MEMORY.  
Supposed it is enabled (default case) in the following scenario:

I start on 20 CW.  I work N6TR, N6AA, and K5TR.  Then I switch to 15 CW
and Dick and Tree immediately find my new run freq and call me again.  The
problem is that the initial exchange pulled out of memory has a "K" after
the zone.  So, to log them correctly, I have to backspace over the "K".
If I just hit <Enter> to accept the exchange "predicted" by TR, ugly
things happen.  Here's roughly what the log will look like if I don't
backspace over the "K":

20CW . . . N6TR 599 599 06 K      06 3
           N6AA 599 599 06 K         3
           K5TR 599 599 07 K      07 3 (O.K. so far)
15CW       N6AA 599 06     k      k  1
           N6TR 599 06     k         1

Note that the ITU zone rcvd somehow ends up in the RST rcvd field; "k" is
counted as a new mult for N6AA (presumably TR thinks Dick has started his
own IARU society with some kinda vanity name); and I'm only given one
point for these QSOs, even though I should get 3.

So I set EXCHANGE MEMORY ENABLE = FALSE, and that gets rid of this
problem, but it forces me to change the default exchange for everyone
outside their "predicted" zone.  In other words, every time I work N7UN, I
have to change his zone from 6 to 8 (yeah, I should have this info in my
TRMASTER, but remember, I've not done IARU before).  And all 12 times I
work DA0HQ, I have to change the default "28" to "DARC".

Am I missing something here?  Suggestions?


Tim Totten,

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