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Subject: [TRLog] IARU
From: (Dave_K9NX)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 10:57:59 +0000
When making this type of change, I think what is stored in <RESTART.BIN>
takes precedence. After changing the <*.CFG> file delete the old
<RESTART.BIN>, then on restating the program a new <RESTART.BIN> is
generated with the correct info.


At 12:39 AM 7/12/99 -0400, wrote:
>Problem found.   Operator error!
>Copied my favorite .cfg for the IARU which is also my general logger. Made
>the edits but forgot to change contest type until after about 10 Q's and
>couldn't figure out why TR was putting names on the exchange line.
>Remembered, exited, edited .cfg to IARU and continued the contest.  I can
>only surmise that the log format had already been set, therefore no zone
>window activity, and scoring saw no zones in the appropriate field since the
>column was labeled "names."
>I'll have a massive edit to do since it also scored same zone Q's and IARU's
>as 3 points.
>Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
>Casey Key Island, FL
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