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[TRLog] TRLOG 6.42 in IARU

Subject: [TRLog] TRLOG 6.42 in IARU
From: (Steven London)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 10:15:02 -0600
I used 6.42 in IARU, SO2R.  I had two problems I would like to discuss....

- TRLOG with the TS-930/PIEXX

This was my first use of my "new" TS-930, improved with the PIEXX board.
About 11 hours into the contest, the PIEXX board "burped" and lost its mind.
I had to power-cycle the 930 to restore it to normal.  6.42 then reported
the mode as "SSB", despite having made every previous QSO on CW, and having
MULTIPLE MODES = FALSE. Alt-M had no effect - it was stuck on SSB.  I
panicked, and called N7DR on the phone.  After 20 minutes of trying stuff
like deleting the RESTART.BIN file, disconnecting the computer interface,
unadministering the 930 in TR, Alt-M still had no effect - it was stuck on
SSB.  What finally worked was to change MULTIPLE MODES = TRUE.  Then I could
use Alt-M to change back to CW.  Since TRLOG can't read the mode from the
930, how is this suppose to work ?  What's the proper way to set up TRLOG
with a TS-930/PIEXX ?

- Checking HQ mults

I couldn't figure out a way to see my HQ mult situation at a glance - I
wanted a way to easily glance down a list of HQ mults to see what "holes" I
had.  I thought ctrl-O (the missing mults report) used to do this, but
perhaps I'm confusing this with Brand-C contest software.  Anyway, ctrl-O
should be enhanced (or fixed) to work for IARU (it does nothing).

On the very positive side, it was great to program two function keys to
switch in and out my 250 Hz filter on my TS-950.  So much easier than
toggling thru the front panel control on the 950.  Thanks for implementing
that in 6.39.

Steve, N2IC

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