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[TRLog] TRLOG 6.42 in IARU

Subject: [TRLog] TRLOG 6.42 in IARU
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Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 12:08:00 -0500 (CDT)
Steve, N2IC/0 writes:

> I used 6.42 in IARU, SO2R.  I had two problems I would like to discuss....
> - TRLOG with the TS-930/PIEXX
> This was my first use of my "new" TS-930, improved with the PIEXX board.
> About 11 hours into the contest, the PIEXX board "burped" and lost its mind.
> I had to power-cycle the 930 to restore it to normal.  6.42 then reported
> the mode as "SSB", despite having made every previous QSO on CW, and having
> MULTIPLE MODES = FALSE. Alt-M had no effect - it was stuck on SSB.  I
> panicked, and called N7DR on the phone.  After 20 minutes of trying stuff
> like deleting the RESTART.BIN file, disconnecting the computer interface,
> unadministering the 930 in TR, Alt-M still had no effect - it was stuck on
> SSB.  What finally worked was to change MULTIPLE MODES = TRUE.  Then I could
> use Alt-M to change back to CW.  Since TRLOG can't read the mode from the
> 930, how is this suppose to work ?  What's the proper way to set up TRLOG
> with a TS-930/PIEXX ?

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear about the "burp" with the PIEXX board.  Can't offer an 
explanation.... just to say that it hasn't happened to me (yet).  I can offer 
some insight as to the mode thing, though.  It is my understanding that the 
PIEXX board comes up in "SSB" mode, and it either tells the computer logging 
program this OR the computer logging program reads this info during a poll.
I use TR for daily logging in GENQSO mode (both ssb and cw enabled), and TR
*always* reports SSB mode *after* powering up the 930.  Alt-M gets me back to

During the testing of one of the earlier firmware versions of PIEXX board (I 
one of the beta testers), this "feature" drove me nuts, as everytime I would 
change modes in TR (alt-m), TR would bounce between SSB and CW (and DIG if so 
enabled), but would not stay in CW.  The developer, Chris, WA3LDI of PIEXX, 
found a firmware fix that seemed to work.  I don't know what the fix was.

I would say, at the moment, the best thing is to leave MULTIPLE MODES = TRUE and
to only use Alt-M when powering up the 930 (assuming a CW only contest).

73 es gl,

Charlie  N9CO

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