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[TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0

Subject: [TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0
From: (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 09:19:09 -0400
>>>"David Price" said:
> I was about to make a NT box and was wondering how TRlog worked with NT.

If you need to send CW or control your radio, then it does not work. If you 
would just like to log a contest, then it works great. NT needs to control the 
ports since it is a true multi-tasking OS. I use NT on my laptop and have 
tried to get TR to run in a DOS box and control the radio...bzzzzt. NT does 
not give an option to dedicate port control to a DOS window. On the other hand 
IBM OS/2 does let you define a DOS box to control the ports, but you had 
better have a fast machine to keep it from sending choppy CW.

My solution is to use System Command from V Communications to define a pure 
DOS boot record. At power up I can choose to boot to NT, or DOS 7.0.

73 de KK1L...ron ( <><
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