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[TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0

Subject: [TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0
From: (Max George)
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:12:50 -0600
NT doesn't actually run DOS... 16 bit DOS code goes through a DOS
emulator in NT. (Just like dosemu in Linux)  This maintains the 100%
protected mode architecture of the NT OS, no switching in and out of
'real' mode for 16 bit apps like Win95/98 does.  Also, NT is not an
Intel only OS, it's designed to run on multipule CPU architectures... a
DEC Alpha CPU has no concept of DOS real mode etc...

16 bit code running on NT in the emulator = SLOW...

If you insist on running TRLog in NT, make sure and do it in the full
screen mode.  The DOS emulator runs MUCH faster in full screen mode.
Gyrations with the direct access to the serial and parallel ports is
another story.

If I had an NT machine (with FAT16 partitions) that I wanted to run
TRLog on, I would simply boot up with a DOS disk.  If you only have NTFS
partitions on your NT machine this obviously wouldn't work unless you
run TRLog off of the floppy.

So the simplest solution for NT systems with at least one FAT16
partition is to just make a TRLog DOS boot disk. IMHO this is the best
and easiest solution, no gyrations or expense of purchasing System
Commander or Partition Magic... :)

mg NG7M

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