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[TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0

Subject: [TRLog] TRlog & NT4.0
From: (Guy Olinger, K2AV)
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 17:37:39 GMT

Most folks don't prep properly to use NT for this. It may be that the
proper steps disable other things that are more important. If so just
get a standalone 486 and run DOS on it for the logger. W98 unusable
and DOS usable computers are all over the place, as are 12 inch
monitors that will show VGA just fine. However, if you must....

THE FOLLOWING IS AN NT 4.0 ONLY procedure. If you use W95 or W98,
don't even bother to read...

The only thing that NT allows you to do on a DOS box is to specify
whether the window is full screen or windowed. A fast processor
(Pentium II 266 or better) with 128 meg of memory will probably work,
but sources of interruption have to be removed. As in unplug the
network, shut down all the pagers, screen savers, etc, etc. 

Use CTL-ALT-DEL to bring up the security window, and choose the Task
Manager. Click on processes.

Make sure that you have enough memory to run everything without
swapping (this is probably the most important): 

Look at the bottom of the Task Manager panel. It will show you memory
usage. Note that this is used/available and is a total number = Ram +
virtual memory. Your memory usage needs to be WELL below the amount of
PHYSICAL ram on your machine. 128 meg is the practical minimum since
64 meg is well less than any NT 4 Mem Usage figure I have ever seen.
Since 128 meg dimms are less than a C-buck, hardly seems worth it to
run with less.

Make sure that you have unloaded any run time hogs: 

Look at the CPU time column. Note any large CPU time users other than
the System Idle Process (usually first in the list). Prepare by
turning off any large cpu time users. If you haven't, you will always
be waiting for these tasks to give you back control when you want to
send CW. Some of the little gizmo programs are dreadful

Physically disconnect the network (LAN) if you are connected to one:

Since NT is a network responsive OS, anything can come from elsewhere
and steal your cpu cycles. Things like backup programs running on
other computers, come in and start a huge file operation. The
possibilities are endless. 

If you were on a LAN, let the CPU run for several hours after you
disconnect and see if any new cpu hogs emerge. These will be items
that poll across the network and are irritated that it is gone. You
will need to shut these down as well. Or they will set there and poll
forever to find their network-distant counterpart.

If you have to connect, use a modem to do it with. That way, the type
and extent of transactions are under your control. But make sure that
your modem program is IRQ driven and not polling. Connect to something
and see if it turns into a cpu hog.

If you have found this slightly discouraging, and somewhat
problematic, then you understand. Not every NT setup is suitable for
throttling back to use a DOS box as a priority application.

73 & GL.   Guy.

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999 09:14:34 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>> I was about to make a NT box and was wondering how TRlog worked with NT.
>In general - it seems that DOS's performance running under NT is 
>pretty strange.  Maybe there are some knobs to tweak, but I have 
>seen choppy sounding CW.  

73, Guy
--. .-..

Guy Olinger, K2AV
Apex, NC, USA

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