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[TRLog] Free Computer Board

Subject: [TRLog] Free Computer Board
From: (Dave_K9NX)
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 17:15:34 +0000
Since a lot of you TRLog types still run DOS based machines figured one of
you could use this more than someone else. Maybe as the server for your
second rig or as a field day computer etc.  So for the faithful I have an
Intel based DX386-20 motherboard with 16MB of memory and the 387-20 math
co-processor. 1/2" thick manual goes with it as well. The price is FREE ,
first come, first serve weighs about 5lbs in the padded shipping box you
pay the USPS from zip code  54957. I also have 120MB hard drive I'll even
throw in (probably another 1lb). No case, no power supply etc circa
1989-90, probably NOT Y2K compatible, although I understand there is a TSR
out there that addresses this for older machines without a BIOS upgrade.
Elmers give it to your students etc.


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