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[TRLog] Free Computer Board (GONE)

Subject: [TRLog] Free Computer Board (GONE)
From: (Dave_K9NX)
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 17:50:42 +0000
COMPUTER BOARD IS SPOKEN FOR  (Went to an "Elemer", which is always good)

At 05:15 PM 7/17/99 +0000, Dave_K9NX wrote:
>Since a lot of you TRLog types still run DOS based machines figured one of
>you could use this more than someone else. Maybe as the server for your
>second rig or as a field day computer etc.  So for the faithful I have an
>Intel based DX386-20 motherboard with 16MB of memory and the 387-20 math
>co-processor. 1/2" thick manual goes with it as well. The price is FREE ,
>first come, first serve weighs about 5lbs in the padded shipping box you
>pay the USPS from zip code  54957. I also have 120MB hard drive I'll even
>throw in (probably another 1lb). No case, no power supply etc circa
>1989-90, probably NOT Y2K compatible, although I understand there is a TSR
>out there that addresses this for older machines without a BIOS upgrade.
>Elmers give it to your students etc.
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