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[TRLog] new contestor's question

Subject: [TRLog] new contestor's question
From: (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 16:30:04 -0500

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>I looked at the Paragon once, and the commands needed to
>it to the program just weren't there.  So far, the Omni VI is
>only TenTec radio that can be interfaced.

Not so, Tree.

At least, not without some TRLog settings being made.

I have used and still plan to use a Ten-Tec Delta II as Radio2.
I use the Ten-Tec Model 305 RS232 Level Converter (same circuit
as in ARRL Handbook's) to convert the DB25 RS232 to a single line
RS232--or whatever it's called then.  It works fine to control
bandswitching, frequency control, mode, ptt, etc.

I have a problem with it on CW, though.  But, I may have fixed
it.  When TRLog polled the radio while sending CW, the outgoing
CW would be chopped up (the sidetone, however, was perfect).  By
not allowing CW to be sent from TRLog to the radio until TRLog
has enabled the PTT and inhibited polling until after PTT is
released may have fixed that.

It's been a few weeks since I played with it (sheetrock work at
the house, work on my end-all, be-all, do-all, work-me-to-death
SO2R control box, lazing in the pool in the evenings watching the
bats, etc.) have kept me from it.  But, I think it works okay

TRLog control of the radio's band, frequency, mode, ptt, etc.,
works just fine in SSB mode (PTT defeats/inhibits polling).

dale, kg5u

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