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[TRLog] Multi Operation via Ethernet ?

Subject: [TRLog] Multi Operation via Ethernet ?
From: KurtSimon@IBM.Net (Kurt Simon)
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:32:25 +0200
Hi ..

is it possible to connect 2 Laptops via a PCMCIA Card and TCP/IP or
NETBIOS for Multi Operation process ??

The Background. I will operate on next weekend the IOTA Test from EU-125
(Romo Island under OZ/AA0ZL/P) and the loggings PC's  are 2 Laptops. The
laptops has only 1 serial port. The serial port will be used for the
Kenwood radio interface and the second Laptop for the Packet Radio
Interface. On the parallel Port is the CW-Keyer Interface.. For this
configuration , i can't no link between the laptops for the QSO-Data

any ideas to resolve my problem ???

thanks in advance

Kurt, DF3HU

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