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[TRLog] Maryland-DC QSO Party Configuration File?

Subject: [TRLog] Maryland-DC QSO Party Configuration File?
From: (Antony J. Heatwole)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 08:51:32 -0400
I'm looking for information on how to build (or get) a TR Log
configuration file for the MDC QSO Party. I spent an hour or
two trying to build one from scratch, but I couldn't get it to
work. I installed a county list (a .dom file), and TR LOG
recognized the county in the exchange, but it kept giving me a
zero total score. Also, I don't know how, if it's possible, to
get TR LOG to score the different station classes given in the


Tony Heatwole
for Nat Heatwole, KB3CBW

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