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[TRLog] No 5VDC on LPT1 Port

Subject: [TRLog] No 5VDC on LPT1 Port
From: (
Date: 1 Dec 1999 13:34:48 -0000
> When paddle interface didn't work on Compaq Armada 4131T laptop, I checked 
> voltage between pins 14 and 25 and found nothing there.  Check of another 
> 4131T revealed the same thing, so I don't think port is defective.  Other 
> PC's I have do have the 5VDC and the paddle interface works fine.
> Anyone run into something similar?  Is there some kind of setup or 
> configuration command that might affect the presence of voltage on pin 14?

Most computers will work without having this voltage.  Don't hook up
the pullup resistors and this case - and give it a try.  However, if
you hear di-dah-di-dah, that means the inputs aren't pulled up inside
your computer and you will need to come up with some voltage to do this.

I once used a 9 volt battery with some resistors to do this when I 
was down in Costa Rica.


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