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[TRLog] 6.46 Slow floppy saves

Subject: [TRLog] 6.46 Slow floppy saves
From: (
Date: 2 Dec 1999 19:17:03 -0000
>        Used V6.46 as first ever contest logger over CQWWCW weekend and 
> was quite impressed with it.
> The saves to my floppy were very slow though. While saves were happening 
> the prog wouldn't key rig. 
> Very frustrating. Any ideas would be appreciated.
> I run a 350MHz system 64M RAM etc. I run the programme after rebooting 
> to DOS from Win95.

Any floppy operation is going to be slow - and it doesn't get any
faster with a faster processor or more memory.  The program is just
executing a DOS copy file command - and will be unresponsive to

SMARTDRV might help - or saving to a different directory on your 
hard drive.


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