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[TRLog] CQ zone 55!

Subject: [TRLog] CQ zone 55!
From: (Juhan Põldvere)
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 01:21:59 -0800
Clive GW3NJW:

>In the recent contest I  managed to log W2xx as in zone 55, 
>clearly a grade A typo.
>I was unaware of this at the time, and it was clearly accepted 
>into the log. Worse still POST didn't throw it out, and it made 
>it into my final log. I only became aware of this when I ran an 
>OH2MM report, and saw zone 55 marked as worked on 14MHz!

At ES5Q the kV of W3KV zapped his zone to 55, and WS7L (obviously spelled
as Way South ... was in zone 35 (Africa), but both 
POST Post contest log processor (that stepped me thru most everything) and
POST L(og procedures menu) M(ultiplier check) 
found these out. (Version 6.45). TRLog proper let me log zone 55!

>Have I done something stupid ( more stupid than entering zone 55 
>in the first place) or is this a bug?

We have several keyboards here that type jjuhan instead of juhan without me
being that stupid.

jjuhan hmm make this juhan, ES5QX, one of ES5Q

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