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[TRLog] More 6.46 UES problems at VR2BG

Subject: [TRLog] More 6.46 UES problems at VR2BG
From: (VR2BrettGraham)
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 01:52:52 +0000
Let's see - first it was a problem with the JA cell, because I've got so many
JAs in my TRMASTER file.  Removing the JA cell was the fix for this.

Then it choked on the DL cell, after I added AD1C's latest compilation to it
(guess DLs for the east coast are the equivalent to JAs over here).  Perhaps
removing the DL cell will be the fix for this one.

One would hope there will not be too many others like this, or else TRMASTER
might not have any cells left!

In fact, I'd joked to Tree that perhaps the IK cell was next.

Well, as I was flying back from UK yesterday & using the time to work on logs,
I tried adding my CQ WW SSB log to my TRMASTER file.  After UEFFing it, I
then did a UES & it choked on the II cell, with error 201 a 01AE:0CAD.

Not quite IK, but an I none the less.  I looked at both the TRMASTER file
before adding the CQ WW log & afterwards, but couldn't find anything untoward
anywhere UltraEdit (thanks again to AE0Q for the tip on that!) found an "II".
Unlike JA & DL, there were not that many IIs in there, so reckon it might be
due to something else.

Almost forgot - UEZ & UEA were happy with the same file UES hiccuped on.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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