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[TRLog] TS440 interfacing works

Subject: [TRLog] TS440 interfacing works
From: (LY2BM Rimas Baltusis)
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 09:33:38 +0200
        I would like to thank all who yesterday responded to my query of TS440
interfacing. I received a lot of really good suggestions that helped me to
solve TS440 interfacing without using the IF-232. On Saturday instead of
IC-10 kit I bought two microchips and built in to my TS440.  Also I chose
very simple interface circuit  which was sent by VE7CQK and had been
developed by N6TR and K6LL. It contains only one resistor and one Zener
diode and can be used with the Kenwood TS440/850/940/950. The installing
lasted only a few minutes but all works perfectly!

Rimas LY2BM

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