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[TRLog] Multi & Packet hangs

Subject: [TRLog] Multi & Packet hangs
From: (
Date: 6 Dec 1999 06:45:59 -0000

During the ARRL 160, we hooked up a multi network with 2 computers
during the second night...  We had the band map running and as soon
as we did - we started getting hangs on the computer interfaced to
the radio!

This was rather exciting.  However, after awhile, the failures got more
rare and eluded complete analysis.  This did motivate me to do some 
major surgery to the bandmap section however (the cursor was stuck in
the band map - indicating something was going wrong with the linked
list that makes the band map).

I did find at least one "smoking gun" - although I am not sure this is
the cause of the hang.  However, it would create other problems (like
excessive memory being used up).  

I have been unable to produce failures yet - without being in a contest
environment - but will continue trying.  Hopefully I can get to the point
where I can consistently create failures with the previous version and
unable to with the new version.

Also - I have an idea for a "digital filter" for the radio information
that should totally eliminate false readings that we are seeing with
some Icoms.


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