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[TRLog] Directories in TRlog

Subject: [TRLog] Directories in TRlog
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 10:12:09 GMT
  Hello all
  Well I guess I just plain stupid when it comes to DOS. I understand that I 
can run TRlog from any directory, I am trying to set up directories for all 
the contests I want to work in a subdirectory under the Log directory that 
contains TRlog. This directory is called contests and it will contain 
Arrl10.99 CQWW.99 etc. I wanted to setup the config files for each contest 
and then just go to the subdirectory for that contest and run TRlog. I can 
get the directories setup but I can't run trlog from the sub directories 
just from the main directory named log.
I know it is something I'm doing wrong or not doing all I have been able to 
do is run TR from the log dir then I have to change the logcfg file for each 
contest. I know this is the way TR used to run but I thought I read in on 
here or in the manual that I could run TR from any dir.
  I'm trying to be more efficient in the way I have my directories setup and 
not have to more the logs to the correct directory after the contest. Am I 
trying to do something that is not possible???
Thanks in advance

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