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[TRLog] 6.46 bug?

Subject: [TRLog] 6.46 bug?
From: (
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 11:27:42 EST
In a message dated 12/6/1999 8:07:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>  I could not find any coincidence between this and, say, saving log
>  to disk or other program function. I've never had this happen in earlier
>  versions. 

What radio?
I have found that it played games with ICOM IC 781, but when I was fooling 
around in 160m test using FT1000D I never had those problems (same setup). So 
maybe it is related to ICom rigs/interface and TR?
(Swicthing modes, etc.)

Yuri K3BU

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