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[TRLog] Radio interface

Subject: [TRLog] Radio interface
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 06:26:53 GMT
Hello Again Guys and YL's
  This time I have a hardware question
  I went out and found all the parts for the interface for controlling the 
rig from the computer ( not cw keying) I have an old email that has the 
parts placement for the interface. Problem is that some of the lines got 
messed up in the transfer I can figure out most of it but I can't tell the 
position of the zener diode. I know it goes between pin 2 ( pin 3 on the 
DB25) and pin 5 (pin 7 on the DB25) on the DB9 but which polarity of the 
diode that part got lost in the transfer all it shows is a straight line and 
it is labelled 5 volt zener diode.
  As soon as I can get that answer I can make up this cable and I can have 
computer control of my Kenwood 940 in the contest this weekend
  And yes I have the IF-10b and I bought a extra serial card today.
Whew I have a lot to do this week. pant pant :)

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