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[TRLog] The elusive TRmaster

Subject: [TRLog] The elusive TRmaster
From: (Jan Fisher)
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 07:23:00 -0000

I would guess that you have the statements in your std.cfg file. The
sequence for loading these has changed and it appears that the standard
contest parameters that Tree fixes for each contest are loaded in after the
standard config file. If you put the statement in the contest config file it
will be read in last and will overwrite the standard messages.

I have asked Tree to look at this but I think there are far important issues
in hand at the moment.

Not sure about the tune problem

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From: Mark Beckwith <>
To: <>
Date: 06 December 1999 23:34
Subject: [TRLog] The elusive TRmaster

>Hi everybody.  I have finally gotten up-to-date on TR.  I feel like I can
>take a stab at some buggs.
>causes the program to halt.  TR version 6.46 thinks this is an invalid
>Although my CFG file includes the statements
>QUICK QSL MESSAGE = <message here>
>when I use the ] key to log the contact all the computer sends is "R"
>instead of what is in <message here>.
>Did I screw it up by assigning the default key for tailending?  I tried
>changing the key to something else and then QUICK QSL worked right, AND
>also ] tailended right.
>By the way, BANGUP job on the manual, Doc - keeping the current Acrobat
>Reader in the laptop makes using the manual and multi-tasking to TRlog in a
>DOS window a very concise operation.  Muchas G.
>Could someone explain the RADIUS OF EARTH command?  Am I missing something?
>See you all on 10 CW over the weekend - it is the only band for which I can
>put up a halfway decent antenna at my home.  As of last week I now have 5
>elements at 50 feet.  I can't wait.
>Mark, N5OT
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